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About Employment


We are always taking applications and pre-screening potential canditates. 

The screening, hiring and training process for Hawk Security is extensive and expensive but well worth the investment. 

On average, 75% of the individuals who are looking for a job opportunity with Hawk Security do not succeed. Many don't make it beyond the EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS. The thorough background check and/or drug screening can reveal discrepancies indicating the applicant might not be a good fit for Hawk Security. 

You must be aware that almost all positions require the use of having a SmartPhone and downloading our web-based reporting program and Tour Tracking scanning program which provides extreme accountability for the position you may be assigned.  Hawk Security prides itself on providing more than a safe and secure environment. Our officers are highly trained, well-dressed, courteous and professional. They reflect Hawk Security’s commitment to enhance the value, image, safety, and marketability of the property or event that Hawk Security has been entrusted to serve and protect. We don’t hire officers just because they need a paycheck – we hire officers who want to make a difference and believe like we do - that reliability, integrity and character matters to serve clients who value our attention to detail.   It’s what set us apart from other security  providers.  Hopefully, YOU will be qualified to join our Hawk Security family!

We are looking for QUALITY officers, not QUANTITY of officers.

If you are interested in seeking employment with Hawk Security, please review the Hiring Process and begin by reading the Employment Requirements check list.


Read and check each of the EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS. You must be able to meet ALL the EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS and produce the documents listed before proceeding to the Online Employment Application. 

  1. APPLICATION & RESUME:  Fill out and submit the online employment application and send your resume to:
    Upon receipt of the Employment Application and Resume, your information will be reviewed.  If the information appears to meet or exceed our criteria, we may contact you and arrange a personal interview.   
  2. INTERVIEW:  All the required documents will be collected. A review of the expectations of a Hawk Security officer and various other topics will be discussed. If we are in agreement to proceed with the hiring process, you will be given the opportunity to begin the background check and drug screening.
  3. BACKGROUND CHECK & DRUG SCREENING:  After consent is granted to HireRight, Inc. to begin the thorough background screening process, it usually takes 3-5 days before we are notified of the results. Upon receipt of a clear report, an offer of employment may be presented and training can begin.